WIP A2 Watercolour Painting Progress

Posted by Catherine Cains on


A few weeks ago I posted the beginnings of this large watercolour painting. At that point it was a blank sheet of paper on an easel.

It’s been a challenge working this large in detailed watercolour but I think I’m almost there! Here are a few pictures of how it has progressed. I will let it sit on the easel for a night while I stare at it and address any niggles that I see tomorrow to call it completely finished, hopefully.

I’ve really enjoyed making it and getting back to some traditional paint and brushes, it’s been a pleasure. I’ll be framing it soon and I’ll share some final photos with you when it’s all ready, hopefully in better light than these photos ;D

I turn the board when I put the washes on to the sky so that the colour bleeds towards the top of the paper.


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