Merry Christmas! Arty ideas!

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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

A bit of a different one to any Christmas I’ve known before and maybe a bit of a return to the quieter Christmases of my childhood. Which got me thinking that if you’re looking for some inspirational arty ideas for you and the kids I could make some suggestions here :)

For example, I spent some of yesterday evening cutting out these fab snowflakes with Guardians of the Galaxy on them! The templates are kindly offered free on this website: and there are more designs; lots of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Frozen!

These are quite tricky granted, and if you have younger kids you could simply do a google search for some simpler designs. I found some that my 6 year old managed on her own yesterday :)

On my own website, you can purchase instant digital downloads of my colouring sheets. I have two collections: my mandalas and my welsh words sheets. Buy, download, print and colour straight away!

I’m sure I’ll be doing some more arty crafty things with my daughter in the next few days so if I come across anything else I’ll add them on here.

Merry Christmas all!



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