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This year I made a thing for my mum for Mother’s Day, a crocheted flower wreath. I’m very much an amateur crocheter but I do enjoy it, particularly as a stress reliever, so I’ve crocheted A LOT over the last year 😂 So when I saw a pattern for easy roses pop up on my timeline, I thought ok I’ll have a go at that, maybe make some roses for my Mother’s Day. They only used small amounts of yarn, less than 50g each, and I had some deep pink left over from some other project so I set off and managed to make 4 quite quickly. Whilst following the YouTube tutorial I of course saw lots of other patterns for different flowers as suggestions along the side. I had a look at the colours and yarn that I had in bundles and seeing what was available realised I could probably make a few different styles and colours of flowers. Then the idea of a wreath popped into my head. It would be easier to glue flower heads onto a wreath than trying to create stems for them and meant I could create a whole set of spring flowers. I popped onto Amazon where I found some willow wreaths on prime that I could get next day delivery on so placed an order and started making different flowers with the colours I had. I ended up with some daisies, something akin to a Gerbera, 2 daffodils, a smattering of Forget Me Nots, some smaller versions of those in a dusky pink and a few leaves to scatter about at the end. Finally I purloined a few pearlised beads from my daughters craft box and dotted them in the centres of the daisy and gerbera style flowers. I used a hot glue gun to glue them all into place and the whole thing was very easy. It took me Friday night and Saturday to crochet all the flowers and I glued them all into place this morning so quite a quick and simple project and I’m quite pleased with the end result 😊 

We also had 2 wreaths in the packet so whilst I was crocheting on my sofa, my daughter was using the glue gun to make a fabulous button wreath for her aunty which she also thoroughly enjoyed. She’s 6 and uses the glue gun under supervision but made the entire thing herself with no help from me whatsoever. She’s a very creative little artist already and I’m very proud.

Apart from the willow stick wreaths and the glue sticks that I used, the whole thing was made with small pieces of yarn left over from other projects so this is a great way to use up those scraps that everyone has lying around and cost me nothing. The videos for all of the crochet tutorials are of course also free on YouTube so this is a very low cost project all round! If you’d like to have a go at making your own I’ll list all of the videos and links to buying the wreaths below. It’s a lovely little project and if you do have a go at making your own I’d love you to send me pictures of the results ❤️ Have fun!

Baker Ross, set of 2 12” willow wreaths - £8.95 with Prime:


Youtube videos:











Forget Me Nots (and smaller pink versions with a thinner crochet needle and lighter yarn:


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