Happy Easter!

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Well Easter is here and the big day for Easter Egg Hunts is just around the corner! And I have a present to give you! πŸŽ€ 🎁 πŸŽ€
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As is the annual tradition in our house I've made a hunt for my two children and this year I've chosen to go with a coded hunt! I've made an alphabet code of different coloured and patterned Easter Eggs and have printed out some coded words for rooms around the house. The children will get the egg coded words and have to work out which rooms they are by using the coded alphabet. It should be fun and not too tricky, plus it'll keep them occupied for 15 minutes!
And as I've made all this for us, I thought I may as well share it with any of my followers who would like to use it πŸ˜„

The pack includes:
- a coded alphabet made with colourful patterned Easter eggs
- a key for the answers for the adults
- coded rooms in Easter eggs for the children to crack

Hide your Easter eggs around the house. Give the children the sheet with the code and the first clue. Set them off to work out the codes and find their eggs!

There are nine rooms included in this pack:

living room
dining room
utility room

But with the alphabet you can also copy and paste the eggs to make your own codes if you’d like. Make it as easy or difficult as you like!

This is a completely FREE instant digital download .pdf for you to print at home.

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